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The Phries Network
Coming soon. An RPG that will scare the pants off of you...

Excelent combat, Intriging story and unforgetable characters. Playing Dark Night will leave you with the feeling that you relly wanna go out and spill some demon blood...

Coming soon to a hand console near you...

In the kingdom of Vanadai day has returned, destroying the Vampire Legion and all the other spawn from hell.

The moon rose that night and with it a new threat. The light reflecting off the lunar surface has caused the long dormant desise of Lycanthropy to activate.

- Face the threat as Viro. The new hero with a stranger desise then the last.
- Revisit the city of Vanadi: See olf friends, Allies and Enemys.
- Kick supernatural booty with all new weapons and spells.

The Phries Network