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The Phries Network Presents:

Coming soon: A small glimps of what its like to play Scythe RPG. With 20 weapons and 10 powers the first installment of Scythe RPG will bring you back for more, much more.

When the Empireship Messiah, one of the galaxy's most advanced and state of the art ships is attacked and disabled by an unidentified mercenay ship the Cargoship Brawler races to help, but is there to late. The Messiah's crew is found dead and only one cargo bay is emptied it becomes apparent the attackers were after something. But what worries the brawler is that the stolen cargo came aboard the Messiah from the Brawler. Scared, the Brawler races home, but is caught by the same ship that caught the Messiah. As an oppertunist pirate you see the Brawler's lights dim, but not the mysterious attacker. You board but are abandoned when your ship detects the mysterious attacker. Now your alone, outnumbered and surounded: Its time to party!

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